Green Tea Face Mask

by Nicole Browes
How to make your own matcha green tea mask with simple cupboard staples and the incredible powerhouse: matcha green tea. 

ADHD: An Evolutionary Advantage in the Modern World?

by Marisa Poster
Nicola Davis's piece in The Guardian, mixed with some deep-dive research, is shaking things up by suggesting we look at...

We're Hiring! | Account Manager - Wholesale & Convenience

by Nicole Browes
Job Title: Account Manager – Wholesale & Convenience   Company Overview: At PerfectTed, we're building the world’s largest natural energy...

PerfectTed Dragons Den

by Nicole Browes
Now that Dragons’ Den is back we thought it high time to answer all your questions and give you behind-the-scenes access to...

How to Make Matcha Latte Art

by Nicole Browes
Learn how to make a classic tulip pattern.

Who is The Man Running the Length of Africa?

by Perfect Ted
Who is the Hardest Geezer? Russ Cook - commonly known by his Instagram handle: The Hardest Geezer.  This title was...