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Introducing Tania! The PerfectTed Customer Service Manager

The most impressive person I know didn't go to university. 

And they didn't have a formal "career". 

They worked at a deli everyday after school, at a hairdresser on Saturdays, and a video store on Sundays.  

All to help support their family. 

They beat cancer, had three kids by the age of 28, and a 4th at 39. 

They raised hundreds of thousands for charity, and taught hundreds of kids maths for free. 

They're resilient, kind, and tenacious, and put everyone else before themselves. 

They're beautiful inside and out, and make me one of the luckiest people in the world...

Since I'm amble to call them my mum. 

Who's your hero?

...Introducing Tania!

Tania is the person who answers your questions and solves your problems, she is our amazing Customer Service Manager. She is also our founders' (Teddie and Levi) mum, so we thought it a good time to tell you about her. 

Tania is fiercely protective over her job of taking care of our customers, to the point where she hasn't given up replying to emails, even when on the way to the hospital, nor at Christmas. If you have a request or a complaint, Tania will ensure you are looked after. 

We hope you always feel taken care of but if you need anything, pop Tania an email at hello@perfectted.com - she'll do her best to help you out.

And don't worry, she has been treated very well this week at our wonderful stockist, The Cosy Club. If you need any inspiration for how to be the favourite child this weekend, look no further: PerfectTed Instagram  

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