About Us

Levi, Marisa and Teddie dressed in bright green fluffy coats smiling together

we’re on a mission
To spread positive energy
Through Matcha Green Tea

Why we started PerfectTed

"I have ADHD & anxiety, and for years I suffered from the negative side effects of coffee and sugary energy drinks.

The jitters, crashes, and heightened anxiety made my neurodivergent conditions even harder to deal with.

Then, I finally found the solution I’d been looking for:

With the same amount of caffeine as a small coffee/typical energy drink, matcha helped me feel my best self. I felt:

1. Energised for way longer without the comedown
2. More focused and productive than ever
3. Balanced in mood and no longer anxious

Now, we want to help you feel your best self with PerfectTed matcha energy!"

*Please note that individual responses to matcha green tea can vary, emphasising the importance of considering diverse testimonials or consulting a professional for specific concerns!

Marisa, xx

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