Top 5 London Matcha Spots

Top 5 London Matcha Spots

Today we give you our recommendations for finding your matcha fix this bank holiday in London. These places are serving the best matcha in the biz (PerfectTed, of course) as well as delicious food.


1. Liten Coffee – South Hampstead


What to order: Iced blueberry matcha latte and an almond croissant to go.


Why we love them: Liten go the extra mile and are an absolute hidden gem. They take great pride in the ingredients they use, and you can taste it. They make their matcha the traditional way with a bamboo whisk and have an exceptional blueberry matcha latte made with organic blueberry cordial. This is an unmissable spot for matcha lovers. Let’s talk food, they are serving up an incredible selection of pastries, and homemade granola.


2. Milk Beach – Soho


What to order: A matcha latte and Granny Elly’s banana bread. But if you’re going for lunch or dinner try the prawn toast.


Why we love them: The outdoor seating area is gorgeous, perfect for a relaxed place for brunch in the summer.


3. Roll Baby – Notting Hill


What to order: An iced matcha latte and a selection of their roles with nuac cham sauce.


Why we love them: These guys are just plain cool. They deliver great service from the beautiful aesthetic interior. Great if you want to grab a quick lunch.


4. Eggslut – Notting Hill, Fitzrovia, Shoreditch, Victoria, Stratford


What to order: An iced matcha latte, Portobello Truffle sandwich, and if you have enough room a crème brûlée doughnut.


Why we love them: Decadence. These aren’t your average sad egg & cress sandwiches, these are indulgent, delicious, and creative egg creations encased in soft, pillowy bread. If you didn’t like eggs before, you will now.


5. Kahaila – Brick Lane


What to order: A hot matcha latte with red velvet cake.


Why we love them: Kahaila aren’t just a café, they are a charity, working on projects within the community and beyond, including an 8-week barista course for those who have been homeless. The atmosphere is lovely and welcoming with a lot of character. Perfect for if you need to relax after a busy morning of shopping.



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