Why Matcha Should Be A Staple In Your Daily Routine

by Teddie Levenfiche
Matcha is a superfood powder made from shaded, nutrient-dense green tea leaves, rich in: Slow-release caffeine Brain-enhancing amino acids Immunity-boosting...

Sara Davies Calls PerfectTed "A Dragons' Den Case Study"

by Perfect Ted
Watch the promotion featured at the end of Episode 8, Season 20.

Why is Matcha so Expensive?

by Teddie Levenfiche
  When we ask people if they drink matcha, the response is sometimes: “no, because it is so expensive!” People...

What Can You Use Instead of a Matcha Whisk?

by Teddie Levenfiche
Matcha itself isn't water-soluble, meaning you can't steep it like other forms of tea. As the small ground-up tea leaf...

Does Matcha Stain Teeth?

by Teddie Levenfiche
Oral health is a topic frequently missed when discussing health trends. However, we are using our mouths all day, every...

Does Matcha Keep You Awake at Night?

by Teddie Levenfiche
Drinking caffeine at the end of the working day can help give you that extra kick to get you home...