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Black Sheep Coffee - Matcha Has Landed

Black Sheep Coffee is known for its walls of coffee beans, big open industrial-styled cafés and a creative menu. Black Sheep suits those who want a solid classic coffee or want to branch out and try something new.

They even have a meal deal! In the evening Black Sheep offer a drink and waffle for £7.99 and, as usual, Romy got herself down there to try out the goods - suffice to say it went down pretty well, see for yourself here

Buuuut back to matcha! We have been looking forward to seeing their matcha menu unveiled because the team at Black Sheep have been so open to getting creative; again they've nailed the classic matcha items, but have also introduced drinks that'll make any matcha hater look twice. Oh, and via UNiDAYS students will get 20% off!

The Black Sheep Matcha Menu

1. Vanilla Matcha Latte

2. Blueberry Matcha Latte

3. Strawberries and Cream Matcha Latte

4. Passionfruit CBD Matcha Lemonade


Romy's Review

1. The vanilla matcha latte, a classic champion hot or iced and Black Sheep has nailed it!

2. Forget açai bowls - this iced blueberry matcha starts your day off perfectly.

3. Strawberries and cream are quintessentially British summer - shut my eyes and I'm at centre court at Wimbledon. 

4. Refreshing cooler with a good flavour of matcha that isn't overpowered by the citrus, perfect for an evening debrief, relax and unwind. 

Click here to watch her video review!

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