PB&J matcha latte being held up outside of crosstown

PerfectTed X Crosstown Doughnut & Matcha Bar

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen the not-so-subtle teasers recently about our doughnut and matcha bar in Marylebone! We have partnered with Crosstown, the London-based doughnut champions, to bring you the ultimate spot for summer. 

Crosstown X PerfectTed Matcha Menu

Our incredible recipe developer, Nina was tasked with whipping up the menu for the doughnut and matcha bar and this is how she went about it: 

When creating the matcha menu for our Crosstown X PerfectTed pop-up, I knew we needed to cause a scene and capture the energy of both brands into a provocative and delicious menu. So, I went to the drawing board!

When I think of doughnuts, I get overcome with nostalgic joy, and when I think of Crosstown, I think of doughnuts with elevated flavours and enticing propositions. So put that all together, add some PerfectTed positive energy, mix it all up in the brain cauldron, and BOOM:

1. Lychee Matcha Colada

2. Blueberry Hibiscus Matcha Slushie

3. Cherry White Peppercorn Matcha Slushie

4. Jaboticaba Matcha Lemonade 

And the three matcha lattes available at all Crosstown cafés (not kiosks just yet!) which were inspired by the doughnuts themselves:

1. Tongan Vanilla Bean Matcha Latte

2. Cinnamon Scroll Matcha Latte

3. Peanut Butter & Blackcurrant Jam Matcha Latte 

Then we had to make things work practically- in comes our wonderful brand partners for the pop-up: Manilife for the peanut butter, Monin for the syrups, Cano for the sparkling water, and Oatly for the oat milk. Together, we were able to bring the recipes to life with the most amazing flavours!

When posed with the prompt of a fun refreshing drink, I turned to Monin in the hope of finding a fruity combo that hit the nostalgic spot, and was I surprised when I found out they had a Jaboticaba fruit mix!

Having grown up in Brazil, Jaboticaba symbolizes hot summer days, climbing trees and stuffing my face with as many of these little-known fruits as I could find. In the UK, it’s basically an unknown flavour, so I couldn’t wait to share its tart berry-like flavour with our customers. 


Our pop-up is open now, so head to 5-6 Picton Place, London W1U 1BL and treat yourself to that jaboticaba matcha lemonade and a doughnut!


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