Ombar X PerfectTed Matcha Chocolate Bar

Ombar X PerfectTed Matcha Chocolate Bar

Our mission is to make matcha accessible to everyone and we have just had a HUGE breakthrough!

From improving alertness to long-lasting energy, the benefits of matcha green tea are known throughout the world (still out of the loop, see here). Yet, so many of you are put off by the preparation or the taste, but what if that weren’t an issue…?

Imagine this, it’s 3pm, you are crashing, but you choose not to “have a break”.

Why? You’ve got deadlines to hit, promotions to earn and obviously brag about on LinkedIn. It’s full steam ahead, but you need a little treat, a sweet treat if you will, a boost.

That’s us every afternoon, so we partnered with Ombar, to bring you the creamiest matcha latte in town. The PT X Ombar matcha filled chocolate bar.

Ombar are the plant-based chocolate connoisseurs, their polyphenol rich Ecuadorian unroasted cacao is the perfect match for our ceremonial grade matcha.

With 40% less sugar than regular milk chocolate and the equivalent caffeine of an espresso (60mg), this is the most decadent and silky form of matcha you will ever taste.

Seriously, fights have broken out over these bars in the PT office.

Worried about missing out? You can find it in-store at Planet Organic or online HERE.

The good news doesn’t stop there.

2p from every bar goes to help Fundacion Jocotoco’s reforestation of the Choco rainforest in Ecuador. Great for the planet, and great for the chocolate lover’s addiction to live on!


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