Runners smiling at friday nights run club event

What is the BEST Friday night out in London?

For some it is settling in for a boozy session after work, in a historic pub like The George Inn by London Bridge.

After a few rounds you make your way to the infamous Infernos to chinwag with a load of strangers before spending a fortune on an Uber home...


This isn’t the case for most anymore!

With the cost-of-living crisis and healthy balanced lifestyles on the way, Londoners, nay, Brits are ditching pints and reaching for trainers and looking for the best London run events!

Meet Friday Night Lights, London’s ‘worst running club’ because speed isn’t the priority but London’s HEALTHIEST NIGHT OUT because people are the focus!

Forget if you can or can’t run...

The friendly strangers, booming music and a handy energy drink sponsorship from PerfectTed
😉 will power you through the miles before you even think to check your Strava!

Here’s what to expect from the best Friday night in London:

Finish work and head to one of their 3 top meeting points (depending on the week): London Bridge, Battersea Park or the Stratford Olympic running track.  

Scan in and meet the team.

Grab yourself a can of the delicious healthy energy drink on offer: PerfectTed. With the stunning array of flavours all on offer – including the newest, juiciest flavour on the block – Juicy Peach!
(It is worth coming to taste that alone!)

Mingle with some strangers – 50% of the crowd I guarantee you will be turning up alone and most people will be going for their first time. (No doubt there are some diehard fans who will be some friendly faces every week – including a member of the PT team!)
You will then be briefed – no warm-up provided, it’s not a Year 4 PE lesson – you can do it yourself!

Then you head out for the run of a lifetime. No speeding off, don’t worry! Stick with the pack at a comfortable 6min/km pace and enjoy some throw-back CLASSICS as the FNL team run the speakers around the route.

Whatever the location, the vibes are IMMACULATE! Although I do highly recommend you trying out the London Bridge one because that is one hell of a sightseeing tour!

Usually the run will be for about 5/6km, PLEASE don’t let that scare you if you are a beginner runner the team and your new friends will motivate you through.

After you have made some bystanders days and got many of the locals to get up and boogie on your way round, you turn for the finish but the fun doesn’t stop there!

When you get back you can grab another can of some refreshing PerfectTed energy if you’re lucky!
😉 Then soak up that positive atmosphere mingle some more with your new and old friends.

The night out can end there if you’re content and there you have it great memories, tasty drinks and a memory of a brilliant Friday night out all for £9 +.

Don’t worry you British classics, often someone will pose an offer to head down to the local food hotspot or even a pub so who knows... you may well end up in Infernos after all!
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