Can Matcha Improve Cognitive Performance?

PerfectTed chats to two-time world record holder and Rubik's Speed Solver, George Scholey on how our natural energy drinks impact his cognitive performance.

How did you discover PerfectTed?

I discovered PerfectTed from Dragons Den, I always had an interest in energy drinks, so reached out to PerfectTed on Instagram. I wanted to see how energy drinks and matcha would improve my cognitive performance and impact my solving times. Matcha for me is used as a stimulant. I like the way that matcha makes me feel lucid, especially when solving Rubik’s cubes. I feel like I’m more in the zone more easily and effectively.


How do you use Matcha?

I think because of the nature of what I do, I’ve mainly used it for cognitive performance as opposed to physical performance. But as a runner I’ll often have a PerfectTed before a run and it definitely gives me that extra bit of energy.

PerfectTed energy drinks definitely impact my cognitive performance because when I have them I feel that extended period of energy which I don’t get with coffee where you get that crash after only a couple of hours. That is the main reason I drink PerfectTed because I can solve for longer periods and solve well for longer periods.


How does matcha compare to other caffeine sources?

 It’s not as heavy as a coffee which can be overwhelming sometimes. If you’re at a competition, you have to solve all day so you have to be focused the whole time.

 I think coffee impacts me in a way that makes me feel kind of anxious, whereas matcha/green tea gives me that long-lasting stimulation that’s more relaxing as opposed to anxiety-inducing. That’s why I always prefer it over coffee.

 I genuinely didn’t really have matcha before PerfectTed. I had green tea now and then but not too often so this was my first introduction to caffeine that wouldn’t give me jitters or anxiety or anything like that.


How does matcha impact your sleep?

 I’ve never had a similar caffeine experience to PerfectTed. There’s obviously always that issue when you have a coffee that when you have it any time, for me it’s after 1/2pm, that I’m not gonna sleep as well. I don’t have that same feeling with matcha, I feel like I can have it later in the day and it won’t affect my sleep as much.


Any Tips on how to Solve a Rubik’s Cube?

 The main thing to understand with a Rubik’s cube is the little centre pieces in the middle always determine the colour of each side, so no matter what. Those six pieces are always solved, once you know that you can apply that knowledge and try to work out how to solve each piece individually.

 The way that I go about solving a Rubik’s cube is that I start on a particular cross colour, so I first build a cross that forms the foundations of the cube and I always start on green. Then after that, I’ll do sets of moves that temporarily mix it up, and then put it back having switched a few pieces.

 Having all had a go at solving a Rubik’s Cube, we can confirm that it takes up a lot of brain power. We’re really proud to sponsor George and be able to give him a better caffeine alternative in the form of our natural energy drinks, which improve his cognitive performance and help him perform at his best.

 If you are looking for an alternative caffeine source to try at work so that you don’t experience crashes, then we’d recommend either our variety pack or single serve matcha sticks. These are a great way to try our matcha powder and matcha energy drinks. You can make a matcha latte, add a sachet to your smoothie or even bake your matcha powder into cookies. Remember, matcha contains l-theanine so you will not get a sudden boost of energy, rather you’ll experience a gentler uplift, so check in with how you’re feeling after around 4 hours.


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