Welcome to Flavour Town

Welcome to Flavour Town

Flavour has been paramount to us since the beginning, it’s why PerfectTed was created; our founder, Marisa was unable to find a decent-tasting matcha latte in London so, created PerfectTed with Teddie & Levi to bring the positive energy that comes from our organic, ceremonial grade matcha to the UK.


Flavour is crucial for us as a matcha energy drink brand because so many people have been put off matcha entirely by one bad matcha latte or have tried a traditional energy drink and been overwhelmed by artificial flavour and sugars.


After a whole team taste test of over 50 existing drinks, we got some ideas together of what we liked and travelled to the recipe development experts SH Foodie in Wales and spent hours trying new recipes for our natural energy drinks, then we got back to our office the following day and tried more. We want our energy drinks to taste so good that when you crack open a can and take your first sip, you’re completely satisfied.


Turns out this isn’t as simple as adding a bit more of this or that. Even changing 0.1% of our recipe gave us a different-tasting energy drink.


If you’ve seen the Friends episode where Monica is trying to replicate Phoebe’s cookie recipe, you get the idea. Any changes we make to our natural energy drinks are the result of careful consideration and a lot of discussion.


After some debating, a lot of serious thinking and sipping we came to a decision.


So, when you try one of our energy drinks, know it’s the product of a lot of care.  


If you’ve got any feedback, pop us a message. Whether it’s good or bad, we’d like to hear it.

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