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tell me more about matcha

Does Matcha Contain Caffeine?

Yes! Matcha powder naturally contains caffeine, about 35mg per gram of PerfectTed matcha.

What does Matcha Taste Like?

A tricky one! It is sweet, umami and strong. As matcha is the whole green tea leaf, it has that green tea flavour but with more oomph.

What do you do with matcha?

Much like coffee can have a bitterness to it depending on your palette, so you need to figure out how you like it. Matcha powder just with hot water should be thought of as your shot of espresso: strong and punchy, whereas topped with hot frothy milk for a matcha latte is the way to go if you like things on the gentler side. We love it with oat milk as oats have a natural sweetness that compliments the umami sweetness of our matcha latte powder.

Matcha Tea Benefits

From antioxidants, to the incredible amino acid l-theanine. Matcha is packed full of goodness. When our co-founder, Marisa switched to matcha from coffee she experienced, no jitters, crashes, or anxiety.

How To Use It

for the perfect matcha

  1. 1 Scoop 1/2 to 1 tsp matcha
  2. 2 Combine with 60ml water
  3. 3 Mix until frothy
  4. 4 Top with milk (for latte) or water (for tea)
  • Shade Grown

  • Hand Picked

  • Air Dried

  • Stone Ground

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