How To Make a Vanilla Matcha Latte

How To Make a Vanilla Matcha Latte

The iced vanilla matcha latte is a crowd pleaser and very easy to make. I’m going to give you a quick version and a slower version so that you can adapt to the recipe that suits your schedule. This is the perfect way to start drinking matcha, as many find this powdered tea slightly bitter to begin with.

Quick and Easy Iced Vanilla Matcha Latte Recipe

Equipment: Nutri bullet/blender/Perfect Hand Whisk


2-5g of Matcha Powder

250ml you Preferred milk

Splash of vanilla extract or vanilla syrup

Optional maple syrup

Put all of your ingredients into your Nutri bullet and blend for 10 seconds. Pour out over ice and enjoy – couldn’t be easier! 

Slow n Steady Iced Vanilla Matcha Latte Recipe

Equipment: Traditional matcha whisk


2-5g of Matcha powder

250ml you preferred milk

Splash of vanilla extract or vanilla syrup

Optional maple syrup


Step 1. Sift your matcha powder into a bowl, regular breakfast bowl will do. 

Step 2. Add 60-80 °C of water, enough to cover plus a bit more.

Step 3. With a loose wrist, but firm grip move your matcha whisk back and forth in W or M shapes. Going in circles is not the best way. You want to vigorously move your whisk back and forth until your matcha has a nice layer of froth and you have no more clumps. Your end result should be the consistency of a shot of espresso.   

Step 4. To this mixture whisk in you vanilla and maple syrup (if using).

Step 5. Fill your favourite cup with ice, be generous, and top with your milk.

Step 6. Now for the satisfying part:  pour your matcha mixture over your milk, pop a straw in, stir, and enjoy.

Top PT Tips: 

Use the right matcha powder! We designed our matcha powder for lattes as this is the most popular way to drink matcha. Getting the right grade of matcha powder is so important because the price and quality really do vary. If you're adding milk and a syrup, you do not need the best quality matcha money can buy as the very best quality grades should be reserved for a plain tea (matcha powder and water) and special chādo (tea ceremony). Looks wise, matcha powder for lattes should still be vibrant green and finely ground. Also look our for indicators of good matcha like "shade grown" and that it is from the correct area i.e. Uji or Nishio. 

Never use boiling water, 60-80°C really is the sweet spot for preparing matcha powder properly as a higher temperature will burn the ground green tea leaves and turn your matcha latte bitter. This temperature also gets you a great froth! 

Whisking properly with a traditional whisk is easy and very quick once you learn the right technique. 

Don’t use too little water as you will have a thick paste, which will give you a clump consistency – you’re aiming for the consistency of a shot of espresso!

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